of Education

in Sombor

Faculty of Education in Sombor

Faculty of Education in Sombor, University of Novi Sad is educational and scientific state institution which, within its basic activities, organizes bachelor, master and doctoral studies. Synchronized with other faculties that belong to the University of Novi Sad, Faculty’s orientation is introduction of new profiles in education and harmonization of its curricula in accordance with developmental tendencies in the education system of Serbia as well as European countries. Faculty is aspiring to improve conditions for efficient studying through improvement of teaching conditions, introduction of up-to-date educational technologies and establishment and development of Faculty's multimedia information service.
In addition to this, Sombor is one of the most beautiful towns in our country with rich cultural, artistic, historical and architectural heritage. This is the peaceful and pleasant town but, at the same time, it provides students with everything they need – equipped classrooms, dormitory, places for night life and socializing. Harmony of old and new, tranquil rhythms of tradition and 21st century dynamics: that is Sombor today. Studying in Sombor means being part of that harmony.